IBPS PO-Main Exam Questions and answers

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      Directions (51-55) : In the given sentences, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence five pairs of words have been given. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete. 

      51). The incident has ____ severe damage to the ____ of the employees.
      A). resulted, optimism
      B). led, emotions
      C). produced, conduct
      D). contributed, integrity
      E). caused, morale
      52). _____ investing in technology, the company has been ____ to compete globally.
      A). For, trying
      B). Despite, gradual
      C). While, clear
      D). Since, enable
      E). By, able
      53). The root ____ of slow reduction in poverty is _____ of investment in agriculture.
      A). purpose, increase
      B). reason, hike
      C). cause, lack
      D). effect, incidence
      E). consequence. plunge
      54). You have unfairly ____ his success to the fact that he is well ____
      A). reduced, behaved
      B). doubted, adjusted
      C). excused, educated
      D). attributed, connected
      E). rated, known
      55). To ____ the problems of the region it is to _____ interact with the local people.
      A). discover, necessity
      B). understand. essential
      C). research, advice
      D). manage, needful
      E). focus, better

      Directions (56-60) :
      Read these sentences to find out whether there is any error in them. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. That part is the answer. If there is no error, mark. ‘No error’ as the answer. (Ignore the error of punctuation, if any) 

      56). Santosh succeed/(1) due to the encouragement/(2) of friends, relatives/(3) and well wishers/(4) No error (5)
      A). Santosh succeed/(1)
      B). due to the encouragement/(2)
      C). of friends, relatives/(3)
      D). and well wishers/(4)
      E). No error (5)
      57). One of the foremost/(1) challenges faced by/(2) the company is that of/(3) attracting and retaining talent/(4) No error (5)
      A). One of the foremost/(1)
      B). challenges faced by/(2)
      C). the company is that of/(3)
      D). attracting and retaining talent/(4)
      E). No error (5]
      58). We aren't bothered/(1) as long as/(2) they don't interfere/ (3) with Ours freedom/(4) No error (5)
      A). We aren't bothered/(1)
      B). as long as/(2)
      C). they don't interfere/ (3)
      D). with Ours freedom/(4)
      E). No error (5)
      59). The two part documentary/(1) is a critique of the education System/(2) and its impacting/(3) On upliftment of women/(4) No Error (5)
      A). The two part documentary/(1)
      B). is a critique of the education System/(2)
      C). and its impacting/(3)
      D). On upliftment of women/(4)
      E). No Error (5)
      60). All the Airlines is/(l) using the increased awareness/(2) about security to impose a new/(3) code of conduct among passengers/(4) No error (5)
      A). All the Airlines is/(l)
      B). using the increased awareness/(2)
      C). about security to impose a new/(3)
      D). code of conduct among passengers/(4)
      E). No error (5)
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